These are all songs produced by Mike Dunbar over the years. He's played bass on all of them. Some of them he played every instrument, some almost every instrument. Some of them he wrote. Mike has obtained permission to present each song here for streaming audio 


Here is Mike playing and singing everything on the song "Alibis and Lullabies" which he cowrote with Ralph Whiteway. Scroll down for more examples of Mike as a "One Man Band" where he does it all (or mostly) himself. and Lullabies.mp3|Alibis and Lullabies

This is Joanne Lurgio singing "My Heart Has a Crazy Mind of  its Own"  from her album,  "Nothing Ramains the Same," produced by Mike. This album won Motif Magazine's Americana Album of the Year.|My Heart Has a Crazy Mind of it's Own mp3

Here again is Christian artist, Michael James Moore's song "The Rapture." The background voices are members of  the Nashville Cowboy Church.|The Rapture

This is Joanne Lurgio's "Stone Walls" written by  Dan Bourdeau and Three Tall Pines, her son's band.|stone walls mp3

Here is Jeff Epperson singing  his song "It's All Country"|It's All Country website demo mp3

And, ace session singer, Tim Buppert, singing  "Montana Sun" by Tom Yeager and Adlai Waxman.|

Here's Samuel (Joe) Harris' "Oklahoma Crude" sung by George Clark:|Oklahoma Crude website demo mp3

Christian artist Michael James Moore singing his song "You Are."|You Are website mp3

This is Bailey Bridges singing  her jazzy song "Froggy Bottom."|Froggy Bottom website demo mp3

German country star Michael Bohe, singing a song Woody Woodard and Mike's Song "Hardwood Floors"|Hardwood Floors website demo mp3